About Us

Shortly after the humble beginnings of McKinley Advertising, I read or heard the following statement:

"If you can't make friends of the people you do business with, you won't be in business very long."

That statement really stuck with me and as the company grew that sentiment became internalized and represents the business philosophy we operate under today. For 32 years we have been growing our business by making friends, building relationships, managing Taxi Heathrow London for the future.

Our old friends can attest to our personalized service. Real people answer our phones and usually know you not only by your name but also by your voice. Our sales force has made it their business to know the business and customers of our client friends. We approach business with the idea that we are going to be working with you, our client friends for a very long time.

Because we have that long term view of our friendship/business relationship, we focus on making sure you get the product you want and when you want it. We really do want to help you grow your business and please your customers. We really do want your employees looking sharp and properly representing your business or organization. It pleases us when you are satisfied and happy with the product or service we have provided you.

Trish McKinley President, McKinley Inc.